happy birthday

Morgan never-can-get-her-stories-in-on-time

Morgan polka-dot-pants-and-peter-pan-collars


Morgan I-can-think-of-a-million-middle-names-for-you

Thank you for always keeping me safe and now go out and take all you deserve from the world this year.


love still lives here

Love is in yellow leaves

As much as it is in dew

Love is in grey skies

Just as much as blue

And this Love is no more in me

Than it is in you

Everything could feel so much

Braver than us

There are some things that are just

More than us

But our Love

Our Love could have swung

The Universe upon its shoulders

It could’ve swaddled it

And swept it up

And pushed it in a stroller

Because Love doesn’t die

Love takes root

Love grows knots

Love blossoms and blooms

And buds and breaks

But Love can still be

This piece of Love

That used to be You

And this piece of Love

That is still Me

Because Love doesn’t end

Love can bow and bend

And swallow pills

But Love is still as Love still is

Love set our rooms on fire

And was found sitting

Among the Ashes

Because Love doesn’t Leave

Love says Good-bye

But Love was only lying

Love still lives here

It is not gone

Love still lives here

Even when the seasons feel so long

Love still lives here

re: eating poetry

My ideas are like the water cycle

And not just because they’re wet

Not just because they’re round and frustrating

Not just because I can explain them

If you just give me enough time

But because I never seem to stop learning about them

2nd grade, 5th grade, 88 years old

I heard you never really are done growing

And I write poems like fountains

They keep flowing out of me

And I know I know I know

I act like a know-it-all

But all I want to do is write poems

Write poems

Write poems

Write good poems

Each word matters

My stream of consciousness is conscientious

My brain won’t sit still

I never forget a lesson

Alliteration, allegory, Weird Al Yankovich

I want to write poems

Write poems

Write poems

Write poems on the bus

On the back of a jogger

On airplanes

On rowboats

On bunkbeds

During sex

No not during sex

I don’t want to have sex

I just want to write poems

Write poems

Write poems

Write poems

Write good poems

Get them out of my head

And onto paper

Onto apple tree leaves

Onto hot air balloon baskets

Onto operating tables

Onto my best friends baby sister who already knows I break promises

Write poems

Get them out

Get them out

Get them out

So I can let someone in

Why can’t I write poems

Just write poems

Write poems

Write poems about boys that don’t say sorry

Poems about cinnamon days

Poems about the way ears bend

Poems about other poems that just make me want to write more poems


This is a love poem

I’m writing it to you