Have you ever thought happiness is trying to catch you? I imagine it whipping wildly around corners in a hopeless race. The reason happiness hasn’t caught up is because you’re in a chase of your own. You think you’ve got your sights on happiness and you are so fixated that you don’t notice what’s tailing you. We all think happiness looks like cinnamon skin and a dandelion waist. We think it looks like a boy with broad shoulders and a car with four different colored doors. We think happiness is being invited to parties and getting asked to dance.

But, maybe, happiness actually looks like your next-door neighbor, in the morning, pre-coffee. Maybe happiness looks like sleeping on a trampoline and your little brother’s piano recital and taking your dog to the park. Maybe happiness looks like waking up at barely dawn and finding a new thing to love. Maybe happiness looks like smelly books and kind things. Maybe happiness sometimes looks like crying. Maybe happiness isn’t what you thought. Maybe happiness has narrow shoulders and corny jokes and a bad habit of looking for happiness in the wrong places.

Maybe happiness looks like remembering.

Maybe happiness is trying to catch you.

Maybe you should let it.